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January 11, 2012:
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What are Rare Earth Magnets?

How to use magnetism to prevent constant toilet cleaning

Rare Earth Magnets are so named because they are put together with materials that are not as common as the usual iron and elements that are put into magnets. These magnets are often much stronger than regular "refrigerator" magnets and as a result they have a larger magnetic field which can act on surrounding materials. In the case of magnetic toilet bowl cleansers, this means that there is a greater field for the magnet to disrupt scale formation in your water. Essentially, any standing water can form lime scale and rust-causing minerals in your toilet, which leaves streaks and unpleasant stains in the bowl. Toilet magnets disrupt the electromagnetic processes in water that can cause this scale, so your toilet may be able to stay clean longer. Naturally, you may still need to clean your toilet thanks to other minerals that may be in your water, or bacteria that can grow in any place where water is present.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: There is some controversy as to whether magnets can prevent scale and soften water, so make sure to explore more information before investing in toilet cleaning magnets.